We want CATCH to give parents and carers the knowledge and self-confidence to treat their children themselves when appropriate, but equally not be deterred from taking their child to their GP or A&E in a genuine emergency or after an accident.
Dr Lesley Bayliss, NHS Eastern Cheshire CCG's children's champion
Children's Centres need to be able to provide up to date, relevant, useful information to families on so many different aspects of health and development and at times it can be tricky to ensure that we give appropriate information without overwhelming parents and carers. The CATCH app is the perfect tool for supporting brief conversations, group sessions and targeted support for families as it is easy to use, free and has specific information for our area. Most importantly though, families can use the app at any time - day or night so we can feel confident that they have somewhere to turn if needed.
Lucy Marsden, Knowsley Children's Centres
Bridgewater Midwifery Service was introduced to Damibu's CATCH over a year ago. As a community service in Halton, we provide care to women in one of the most deprived areas in the country. We rely on CATCH to reinforce messages regarding healthy choices and lifestyle to women in our care. All women entering the service are encouraged to download CATCH, to enable them to access instant advice and information relating to their pregnancy and children, they will also receive notifications of key messages at certain stages. Damibu are able to assure us that the information they provide is current and in line with government recommendations. As a service this has enabled us to reduce time and money spent on producing a raft of leaflets and has reinforced the frequency and accessibility of health care messages to women when they need it most. This has resulted in reducing phone call enquiries to the service.
Julie McIntosh, Halton Bridgewater Midwives
Liverpool's Children's centres received an excellent informative briefing re the CATCH app. This was extremely useful to take back to centres across the city and share with parents. A wealth of information at parents finger tips supported confidence, gave ideas and answered the many questions that a parent of a young child often needs quickly?
Hazel Patterson, Liverpool Children's Centres
As a parent this app would've been really useful in the newborn stage as the only comparable one was US based. I have already been recommending the CATCH app to my patients. It's great to have one single source I can refer them to and offers an alternative to printing out reams of paper advice.
Dr Victoria Hoyle, GP Knowsley