Personalised Advice
Once you download the app, you can create profiles for your children, using their name, gender and date of birth or due date. CATCH will then provide you with a list of health articles most relevant to your child's age, tailored to suit them as they grow. You can 'favourite' articles too, to keep the ones of interest to you close at hand.
The Learn section contains a multitude of health information drawn mainly from NHS Choices and reviewed regularly by local GPs. 
Health News
CATCH will update you with timely reminders about key health dates, such as childhood immunisations and seasonal advice. This also includes health information from your area such as bank holiday pharmacy opening times or urgent health news. 
Local Services
This section contains a map of the local health and social care services available in your area. This includes your nearest GP surgery, dentists or pharmacies.
The Emergency section contains information about situations which require urgent medical help, such as allergic reactions or head injuries.  It’s best for you to review this section when you have some free time, rather than during an emergency itself, so that you feel prepared.  We always advise that you call 999 in a genuine emergency, so this section includes 'Call 999' and 'Call 111' buttons within it.
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We want CATCH to give parents and carers the knowledge and self-confidence to treat their children themselves when appropriate, but equally not be deterred from taking their child to their GP or A&E in a genuine emergency or after an accident.
Dr Lesley Bayliss, NHS Eastern Cheshire CCG's children's champion