About the App - How CATCH works and what to do once you've downloaded it

The CATCH app consists of five sections:


Once you have inputted your child's name, gender and date of birth, the Home section will provide you with NHS guidance that is highly relevant to your child's age.

For example, if your child is 0-6 months old, you will be shown articles about infant feeding, safety at home and vaccinations.

The Home section also includes the latest news from NHS Eastern Cheshire Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) and NHS South Cheshire CCG, which includes everything from bank holiday pharmacy opening times to breaking health news.

Find out more about what a CCG does here (link to follow)

The Home section also allows you to 'favourite' pages, meaning you can keep articles that are of interest to you close at hand.


The Learn section contains a multitude of health information drawn directly from NHS Choices and reviewed regularly by Cheshire East doctors.

Learn is split by age, for example '0-6 months' or '4-5 years', which is to help you determine which information is relevant to your child.

The idea of the Learn section is for you to browse the large quantity of information available and review it at your leisure, while the Home section will ensure you are always shown the most important information for your child.

Learn also includes sections such as, 'Making your home safe' and 'Parents corner', which we determined were important enough to warrant their own section.

Local Services

This section contains a map of the local health and social care services available in Cheshire East.

Clicking the circle icon will show you your nearest GP surgery, dentist or pharmacy.


The Emergency section contains information about emergency situations, such as allergic reactions, how to help a choking child and head injuries.

The idea is for you to review this section when you have some free time, rather than during an emergency itself, meaning you will be more confident to take action should an emergency occur.

We always advise that you call 999 in a genuine emergency and the Emergency section includes 'Call 999' and 'Call 111' buttons within it.


This section contains information about our privacy policy, copyright and disclaimers and information about receiving health information in other languages.

The About section also provides you with the opportunity to contact us and give us feedback.